Give your property a healthy start at the beginning of the year’s growing season. Our Spring and Fall Cleanup visit will ensure your landscape is looking fresh and tidy and is primed for lush growth.

During our spring clean-up process we perform services to your lawn involving power raking, aerating, picking up all leaves, branches and other debris that has accumulated over the course of winter around your property and landscape beds.  Spring is a time of rebirth and reawakening from a long winter's nap. Your lawn requires a boost in the spring by removing dead thatch to allow for moisture, nutrients, and fertilizer to penetrate the root systems. We have various packages to choose from and are able to service small residential homes, to large acreages and commercial properties.

Fall Clean-Up Service
During our fall clean-up process we perform leaf pickup and disposal, as well as a service called aeration. Aerating is a machine that we use that will poke holes into the lawn and deposit 'cores' onto the grass. This process is used to loosen the soil underneath the lawn and allow for new roots to grow come spring time. It is also an added benefit to take at advantage of the moisture that the snow will bring when it melts in the spring time. This service is a great way for you to prepare your property for winter.
As the end of the growing season approaches and prepares for winter, we need to remember the risk of disease each year and remember that most diseases are able to survive the winter within infected plant debris.  Fungal material or specialized reproducing structures may exist in the soil, in fallen leaves, or in dead branches still remaining on the plant.  This being said, as a professional lawn care company, let us minimize the amount of fungal material that survives the winter months by removing it from your property prior to the first snowfall of the year.