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General Questions

We accept all major forms of payment including credit card, e- transfer, or cash.

Yes. However, we use a third-party company to provide this service due to the necessary licenses and proprietary formula for this service.

You can visit our Facebook and Instagram for pictures of our work and important announcements.

Yes. We currently hold a $5,000,000 General liability and have WCB coverage for all employees. We would be happy to provide a Certificate of liability and WCB Clearance letters upon request.

Residential Property Maintenance

These days there are many options to choose from when deciding on your landscaping for your new home. The short answer is no you do not need a landscaper. That being said, we have the knowledge that you need in order to pass grading certificates, permits, the right products for your home and the skilled labourers to install the best products for you.

Plot plans provide valuable information, including the physical boundaries of the parcel and the locations of structures, fences and driveways. Formal plans also show any partial easements of land granted to utility companies for wires or pipes, and rights of way granted to neighbors for use, or to city or county governments for sidewalks or alleys. The easiest way to obtain a plot plan is to use formal government records, but occasionally these have errors that require comparing maps with other plan sources. Builder – Your home builder should provide you with all of these documents upon receiving owner ship of your house. Generally speaking the builder is responsible for the rough grade certificate which should also be included in these documents. Local Governments – you can contact your local government to gain access to these documents. Visit they’re websites or call to request for them. Surveyor and Engineer Documentation – Seasonal Solutions Inc. works with various surveyors and engineers when planning your rough and final grades. These companies may have access to your information however, they will usually ask us for the Real Property Report from you.

Spring clean ups are the most beneficial thing to do for your lawn and landscape. First we recommend power raking the grass. This requires a motorized machine with tines that “rake the lawn” and pull up thatch/ debris from underneath the grass. This helps the grass retain that moisture needed to grow as well as provide easy access for nutrients/ fertilizer to penetrate the soil. Next we recommend aerating the lawn. This process is not required every season, generally speaking once every 2 years has worked well for us. Aerating is the process of using a motorized machine to poke holes into the grass. These holes pull up cores which are deposited onto the lawn. The benefit of performing this service is to soften hard/ compacted soils in the lawn in order to allow for the root system to grow stronger and deeper roots. This process also doubles with power raking as moisture, nutrients, and fertilizer can swiftly penetrate the soils to create a full and lush lawn in a few weeks. There has been studies to show that this service is best performed in the fall, however we have experienced great results by doing it in the spring as well.

Outside of our regular promotions, no. Our services are at the best possible rate due to the competitiveness of the industry. We strive to go above and beyond with our services and our prices reflect that.


In the summer months we service the property once a week unless weather or low growth periods occur. Our service indicates “Cut and trim to maintain an average of 2.0cm to 3.0 cm for optimal growth and health of the grass.” During the winter months our sidewalk service is performed on trace amounts of any precipitation (this includes freezing rain or even a light “dusting” of snow). We do this to ensure safety for all our clients. For parking lot snow removal, we typically perform this service upon 5cm of snowfall or accumulation thereof. With our monthly and year-round packages, we are also available 24/7 to clear wind drifts or falling snow from buildings.