Parking Lot Sweeping & Maintenance

Expert Parking Lot Sweeping, Maintenance & Construction Site Cleanup

After the harsh winters of sanding and salting, your property needs to be tidied up for customers to continue to visit. The Seasonal Solutions team is ready to handle all of your property maintenance needs in Edmonton, Sherwood Park and beyond including parking lot sweeping and maintenance.


Parking lot sweeping is one of the most beneficial services to perform after the winter months. At Seasonal Solutions we take care of the winter mess that is present come spring time. We use skid steer mounted pickup brooms to pickup the gravel, debris, and litter left from winter. With backpack blowers to blow out corners and curb lines Рwe ensure your parking lot is tidy for your customers or employees. After the parking lot is swept and debris is hauled away we will recommend our line painting service to provide ample parking and flow of traffic throughout the property. Contact us today for a free estimate for this service.

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Construction site clean ups are the secondary use for this service. After completing work on commercial buildings there can be a mighty clean up process to follow. Leave this service up to us and we’ll ensure the parking lot is swept clean of all nails and construction debris. We use skid steer mounted sweeper pick up brooms in order to get into tight corners, drive thru areas, and all paved surfaces.

Parking Lot Sweeping FAQ's

Parking lot sweeping is crucial for maintaining a clean and safe environment. Regular sweeping helps prevent debris buildup, improves aesthetics, reduces the risk of slip and fall accidents, and extends the lifespan of the pavement.

The frequency of parking lot sweeping depends on factors such as traffic volume, nearby vegetation, and weather conditions. Generally, a weekly or bi-weekly schedule is recommended, but we can assess your specific needs and recommend the best frequency.

Professional sweeping offers specialized equipment and expertise to efficiently remove all types of debris, including small particles that DIY methods might miss. Our service ensures thorough cleaning without causing damage to the pavement.

No, our equipment and techniques are designed to effectively remove debris without causing damage. In fact, regular sweeping can extend the life of your pavement by preventing abrasive particles from wearing it down.